Ribbon bowl, medium

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Here you can order Ribbon bowl, medium in 4 heights

Ribbon bowls are available in small, medium and large. The photo shows all 3 sizes

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Ribbon bowls for serving or storing food.

Bowls in various sizes, which can be used for both serving and storing of food. The lower version is merely a serving dish, which can be turned upside down and used as a lid.

Ribbon bowl, with or without lid
The bowl won the award Håndfuglen in Denmark 2015 as the best new product of the year.

Glazed Porcelain.


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Lid/dish: H 1,5 cm x W 12 cm, Size 1: H 3 cm x W 10,5 cm, Size 2: H 4 cm x W 10,5 cm, Size 3: H 5,5 cm x W 10,5 cm, Size 4: H 6,5 cm x W 10,5 cm