Pia Baastrup Ceramics                                                                                                     

If you have any questions you are very welcome to contact me.

Studio address:                                                 
Birkedommervej 31, 1 floor
2400 Copenhagen NV

Private address:
Strandgade 57, 2 floor
1401 Copenhagen K

M +45 27 20 39 40

About Studio in Copenhagen NV:
In the Nothwestern neighbourhood of Copenhagen, you will find an industrial building containing a small community of ceramic and glass studios.

Here, nine independent and well-establiched artists, are representing a wide range in the crafts field, from unique art pieces to functional dinnerware.

Alikka Garder Petersen, Marianne Krumbach, Jane Holmberg Andersen, Marianne Nielsen, Bettina Schori, Helene Stockmarr Gerdorf, Mette Colberg, Claydies and Pia Baastrup

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