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Cup in 4 sizes



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The cups can be used for both hot and cold drink, but can also be used as small bowls for e.g. sugar, jam or mustard.
Size 0 can be used for saké, espresso, toothpicks or as egg cups for large eggs.
Size 2 and 3 can also be used for candles, especially the white cups, which are the most translucent.

Glazed porcelain.

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White, Pale turquoise


Size 0: W 4 cm x H 5 cm, 50 ml, Size 1: W 5 cm x H 6 cm, 100 ml, Size 2: W 6 cm x H 7 cm, 150 ml, Size 3: W 7 cm x H 8 cm, 200 ml